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Day 1: Movement in Action

Monday, September 14th
3:30 - 4:45 pm ET / 2:30 - 3:45 pm CT / 12:30 - 1:45 pm PT / 9:30 - 10:45 am HT

Virtual Community Tours


For the last six months, our communities have sheltered in place to stay safe through a global pandemic. This means that we are not able to physically visit new cities and places, but the challenges of our time have only deepened the character, resilience, and spirit of our neighborhoods. Thus, we invite you to learn more about these community anchors during our virtual tours of AAPI neighborhoods across the country at our Building CAPACD Convention. Join us as we visit Oakland with AYPAL, Jackson Heights with Chhaya CDC, Chicago with Coalition for a Better Chinese American Community, and Makuʻu Farmers Market and Kohala Center on the Island of Hawai’i, organized by Hawaii Alliance for Community-Based Economic Development.


The Virtual Community Tours are sponsored by Union Bank.

Community Tour
  • Resilience and Recovery on Hawaiʻi Island

View the Recorded Session:

An eruption of Kīlauea, an active volcano on Hawaiʻi Island, in 2018 severely impacted Hawaiʻi Island's ecology and economy, triggering a tremendous recovery effort led by local community leaders in partnership with the County of Hawaiʻi. This multi-year effort has undoubtedly been made more complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Join us for this session to learn how these leaders have found innovative ways to rebuild, centering the resilience of ʻāina (land, that which feeds us), community, and the root culture -- Native Hawaiian. Leaders from Makuʻu Farmers Market and Kohala Center will offer virtual tours of the communities in which they work, and will be joined by the County of Hawaiʻi to share perspectives on challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.

With special thanks to Hawaiʻi Alliance for Community Based Economic Development (HACBED) for their assistance in putting together this tour.

  • Lauaʻe Kekahuna, Makuʻu Farmers Market
  • Cindi Punihaole, Kohala Center
  • Kathleen Clark, Kohala Center
  • Frecia Cevallos, County of Hawaiʻi

  • Robert Agres, County of Hawaiʻi

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Kohala Center.png
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Community Tour
  • #WeHere: Youth Community Tour of Oakland's Chinatown


AYPAL organizes youth in Oakland to produce youth led campaigns for school and neighborhood transformation. For the past several years, AYPAL youth have been leading a #WeHere campaign, fighting against displacement and gentrification as long time residents of a changing Oakland.  AYPAL’s power building work is also rooted in cultural arts activism. The more our youth know about our communities’ roots, traditions, and histories, the more powerful they become. Join directly impacted youth from Oakland’s Chinatown for a discussion about the impact of gentrification on Oakland, arts and culture activism, and strategies to fight back against displacement!

  • Stanley Pun
  • Aian Mendoza
  • AYPAL Youth
Community Tour
  • Chicago's Chinatown: Can growth be sustained?

View the Recorded Session:

Over the past two decades, Chicago’s Chinatown has been bucking the trend. Unlike other urban Chinatowns, Chicago’s has experienced growth since 2000 - its immigrant population increasing and physically expanding into neighboring areas.  But in 2019, a large-scale, city-approved development placed into question the future of Chicago’s Chinatown. Join this virtual tour to learn more about Chicago’s Chinatown. Then stay for the discussion on what the community has planned and how it has been responding to the economic pressures of the pandemic.

  • Z.J. Tong, Chicago Chinese Cultural Institute
  • Grace Chan, Coalition for a Better Chinese American Community
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Community Tour
  • Securing Our Homes, Securing Our Place

Chhaya Community Development Corporation is marking its 20-year anniversary in 2020. As a South Asian and Indo-Caribbean housing and economic justice organization, Chhaya has a deeply rooted foundation in the neighborhood of Jackson Heights, Queens. The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the inequities faced by immigrants, people of color, and low-to-moderate income communities. Take a virtual tour of Jackson Heights, listen to immigrant owned small business owners, and learn from Chhaya leadership and organizers about what compelled them to advocate for Chhaya's Secure Our Homes policy platform in the fight for housing stability and sense of place for community members.  

  • Annetta Seecharran, Chhaya CDC
  • William Spisak, Chhaya CDC
  • Shrima Pandey, Chhaya CDC
  • Seema Agnani, National CAPACD
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