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Networking Rooms

Our Networking Rooms are open during the virtual convention from September 14 - 16, 2020. They will feature interactive virtual spaces to discourse, exchange ideas and engage each other. Live chats will be open each morning before the virtual convention activities begin as well as during breaks between sessions. There are also dedicated spaces where attendees can share their thoughts anytime during the convention. Check out descriptions about these spaces below. 

The Networking Lounge is a live virtual room to talk and engage with other attendees. It is open every day of the convention at specific times and will be closed during convention activities and sessions. 

Monday afternoon during the virtual convention, we are holding a live Happy Hour with special entertainment.

Tuesday afternoon during the virtual convention, we are holding a 20th Anniversary Celebration! 

Informational Expo Booths have great resources and helpful information for you and your communities. They are open every day. 

Networking Tip:

You can also voice your thoughts by posting comments  in the dedicated "Discussion" section at the bottom of each event page. Attendees can comment and reply to each other's posts. Attendees with over 10 posts receive a Networking Star badge on their profile.

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