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National CAPACD is launching a photo competition to celebrate our AAPI neighborhoods. We want to see pictures of your neighborhood that show why you love it, and why it’s important to you to be able to keep living, working, shopping, visiting, and learning in this place.

Many AAPI neighborhoods across the country are facing the pressure of displacement. Families and seniors struggle to pay rising rents; small businesses also face rising rent as well as competition from chains moving in. And while homeownership has grown, some families are now struggling to keep up with mortgage payments due to COVID-19. Despite all of these pressures, our neighborhoods are resilient and creative in their response. We want to lift up all of the different ways that our neighborhoods celebrate culture, create community, hold their ground, and continue to be home to so many of us.

How to Submit

Photos entered in the competition can depict people, buildings, interiors, activities, or a combination. Creativity is highly encouraged so use your imagination to find ways of representing the heart of your community visually.

Along with your submission, you will be asked to complete a form to explain your concept and why you have chosen this image to represent your community.

You will also be asked to submit signed media release forms for any people who are featured in the image (this does not include people who are present in a public space and/or in the background of the image).

To submit your entry, complete this form.

If your photo features people in it, please submit a media release form for each person who is featured in the image and upload it here.

Submission Deadline: All photos must be submitted by September 4, 2020.


Who Should Submit

Anyone who works for an organization which is a member or partner of National CAPACD is eligible to submit a photo. Submissions are made by individuals, not by the organization. There is no limit to the number of staff from an organization who can submit. Community members who are not staff of a National CAPACD member or partner organization can also submit photos for this competition.


The winning photos will be announced and prizes awarded at the 2020 Building CAPACD Virtual Convention. All entries will be displayed during Convention, and there will be the opportunity for all attendees to vote for a people’s choice winner.


Four winners will be chosen by the panel of judges, and one more will be chosen by people who register for convention.


Each winner will receive a $75 gift certificate for an AAPI owned small business which provides online shopping. 

Gift Certificates are from:

Eastwinds Books in Berkeley 

Na Mea Hawai’i

Wing Luke Marketplace

Nguyen Coffee Supply

Masala My Life     

Judging Criteria

Photos will be judged on the following characteristics:

  • Concept that highlights a resilient neighborhood that is resisting displacement

  • Creativity of concept

  • Concept’s relationship to community development (i.e. housing, small business, community building, community design, creative place making, etc.)

  • Photo composition and design

  • Accompanying description which explains concept  

This photo contest is sponsored by BBVA. 


#AAPINeighborhoods Photo Contest

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